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Application Information

In order to make your application for study abroad as competitive as possible, please consider the information provided below.

Eligibility Factors

Academic standing and adherence to community standards are among the factors for study abroad eligibility. Other factors include:

  • GPA
  • Language requirements
  • Class level
  • Visa eligibility

Program Selection

While exploring your options, be sure to:

Plan Ahead

  • To give approvers (Advising Dean and DUS) and reference writers (academic, language, and rector ) time to submit their information, keep in mind application deadlines.
  • Academic year and semester program applications are due early November and summer applications are due in February.
  • Some programs are more competitive than others. Be intentional about your program choice and ranking. If you have questions about your chosen program’s competitiveness, please consult the program director.

Personal Statement

While being thoughtful and creative, tell us about your passion for this program and what this study abroad experience means for you as you address your goals for:

  • academic growth
  • personal development
  • intercultural competence

We encourage you to consider scheduling a consultation with the Writing Center.

Application Requirements

  1. Electronically sign the Participation Agreement
  2. Complete and submit the study abroad application questionnaire(s)
  3. Send all required approval (advising dean & DUS) and reference (academic, language, rector) requests

PLEASE NOTE: All applications will require a rector reference; very few programs will require an academic and/or language reference.

When applying to study abroad, be sure to keep these things in mind:

  • Maximum number of applications: 
    • For academic year/semester programs you may apply to a maximum of two different programs. DO NOT apply to different terms for the same program. You will be notified to rank your programs AFTER the application deadline.
    • For summer programs you may apply to a maximum of three different programs. Ranking for summer program applications is done within the application portal.
  • Semester of choice: Select your first-choice term for the program to which you are applying. If you are not able to participate in an alternate semester, be sure to provide your reason(s) within the application questionnaire.
  • Advising Dean and DUS approvals: Applicants other than freshmen must schedule separate meetings with the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) of their major(s) AND an associate/assistant dean. Most schools and colleges set deadlines for granting approvals.
  • Academic and language references (as required): Please ask your professors before listing them as an academic or language reference. Once you submit your reference request, the faculty member will receive a notification email. Please note: Academic references MUST BE from ND faculty/staff who have taught and/or graded you for a 3-credit course in an academic discipline.
  • Rector Reference:
    • Students living on-campus: please identify your Rector
    • Students living off-campus: please identify your former Rector

After You Apply

  • Please check your application page frequently to ensure all references and academic approvals have been received.
  • We are unable to evaluate your application until all materials have been submitted.
  • Decisions regarding study abroad applications are announced:
    • Mid to late January for academic year/semester programs*
    • Mid to late February for summer programs*

*Please note, these dates are subject to change.


For questions regarding study abroad opportunities or applications, contact Study Abroad.