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Study Abroad Compass

Study Abroad Compass is an initiative created by Study Abroad, aiming to bridge together the different phases of studying abroad (i.e. advising, recruiting, pre-departure, studying abroad, re-entry to campus) so they become connected and integrated into a seamless experience. Since your experience of studying internationally is a journey, the Study Abroad Compass will help guide you, providing directions along the way in engaging, informative, and innovative ways. At the moment, Study Abroad Compass has two available initiatives.

Study Abroad 101

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This online advising course was developed for all students that are considering studying abroad. It covers, among other topics, program discernment, the steps required to submit an application, and essay tips. This course can be accessed using the button below and can earn you a Certificate of Completion. 

Study Abroad 101
(use the NetID login option)

Study Abroad 102

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This orientation course was developed to address many important topics that will complement the regular program-specific pre-departure orientation sessions. We cover topics such as goal setting, cultural adjustment, submitting eForms, as well as budgeting abroad. Completion of this course is mandatory for study abroad students.

This course must be accessed through the myNDabroad portal and is only open to students committed to a study abroad program.

myNDabroad portal