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As you consider venturing abroad, academics are likely on your mind. To make certain every student has the opportunity to study internationally, we offer a number of courses and programs at each location.

Study Abroad Course Listing

To find available courses at our numerous study abroad locations, use the provided instructions below to search for courses using PATH Class Search. You can also use them to create a possible Study Plan While Abroad.

  • Courses listed in PATH Class Search have been taken by students in the past; however, they may not be available for your term of study. This listing of courses should be used as an example of the types of courses that may be offered in the future.


  • Using PATH Class Search and building a study plan DOES NOT mean you are enrolled in classes abroad.
  • Creating a study plan within PATH Class Search DOES NOT replace the Study Plan While Abroad process provided by your program director.

Study Abroad Courses PATH Class Search Instructions

Campus Codes for Study Abroad Locations

Host Intitution Course Numbers

Host institution course numbers and titles ca be found in the PDF below.

All Approved Study Abroad Courses

New Courses

New courses or courses that are not listed must be reviewed and approved by the respective department on campus. Students will be advised on this process by their program director in the semester prior to departure. Typically, departments will require a full syllabus and course description in order to review a new course, and often times this resource is not available until the months prior to the program's commencement.

Contact Study Abroad for any questions.