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Study Abroad Storytellers

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The Study Abroad Storytellers program is an opportunity for current students to share their stories with prospective study abroad students. As a Storyteller, students will share their experiences and insights from their time abroad as a student enrolled in a semester study abroad program. Students are encouraged to be creative in their storytelling approach as they share insider knowledge through a multitude of digital mediums.

In this program, students will digitally share their stories through social media content creation, videos, and blog submissions for the Study Abroad website. Storytellers are representative of the Notre Dame undergraduate student body. Though they may come from different backgrounds, colleges, and majors, they all share an enthusiasm to grow academically and personally from this life changing study abroad experience. NDI Study Abroad is thrilled to launch this initiative to encourage inclusive content creation as our students share their study abroad journeys with us.

Meet the 2021-22 storytellers and Go Further!

John Adkins

Spring 2022 - Rome (Undergraduate Program), Italy

Liana Bigaud

Fall 2021 - Galway, Ireland

Sydney Brown

Spring 2022 - Santiago, Chile

Mary Chen

Fall 2021 - London, UK

Hannah Chi

Spring 2022 - Seoul, South Korea

Alyson Chin

Spring 2022 - Santiago, Chile

Nicholas Pierre Clarizio

Spring 2022 - Rome (International Scholars), Italy

Patricia Curtin

Spring 2022 - Toledo, Spain

Crystal DiBiase

Fall 2021 - Puebla, Mexico

Karina Duffy

Fall 2021 - Athens, Greece

Shandrea Dyson

Spring 2022 - Seoul, South Korea

Sean Ford

Fall 2021 - Dublin (DCU), Ireland

Anna Galioto

Fall 2021 - Rome (Undergraduate Program), Italy

Clayton Glasgow

Spring 2022 - Santiago, Chile

Neila Gross

Fall 2021 - Kigali, Rwanda

Matthew Heilman

Spring 2022 - Norwich, UK

Elizabeth Jarocki

Fall 2021 - Dublin (UCD), Ireland

Ameena Jovonovich

Spring 2022 - Amman, Jordan

Yoo Lim Kim

Fall 2021 - Hong Kong (CUHK)

Branden Kohnle

Spring 2022 - Puebla, Mexico

Victoria Kuprewicz

Spring 2022 - Dublin (TCD), Ireland

Annabelle Lake

Fall 2021 - Angers, France

Hyun Jin Hazel Lee

Fall 2021 - Dublin (TCD), Ireland

Patrick Lomeli

Fall 2021 - Dublin (TCD), Ireland

Sofia Lora

Spring 2022 - São Paulo, Brazil

Gregory McKenna

Fall 2021 - Toledo, Spain

Patti Miller

Spring 2022 - Dublin (UCD), Ireland

Abraham Ortiz Santibanez

Fall 2021 - Rome (AME), Italy

LaLa Petty

Fall 2021 - Puebla, Mexico

Maya Puterbaugh

Fall 2021 - London, UK

Mary Rice

Spring 2022 - Athens, Greece

Grace Scartz

Spring 2022 - Rabat, Morocco

Maria Siman

Spring 2022 - London, UK

Eliza Smith

Spring 2022 - Rome (Undergraduate Program), Italy

Karen Tanious

Fall 2021 - London, UK

Bettina Villegas

Fall 2021 - Galway, Ireland

Bernadette Bianca Widjaja

Fall 2021 - Galway, Ireland

Andrew Zimlich

Spring 2022 - Angers, France