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Study Abroad Storytellers

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The Study Abroad Storytellers program is an opportunity for current study abroad students to share their stories with prospective study abroad students. As a Storyteller, students will share their experiences and insights from their time abroad. Students are encouraged to be creative in their storytelling approach as they share insider knowledge through a multitude of digital mediums.

In this program, students will digitally share their stories through social media content creation, videos, and blog submissions for the Study Abroad website. Storytellers are representative of the Notre Dame undergraduate student body. Though they may come from different backgrounds, colleges, and majors, they all share an enthusiasm to grow academically and personally from this life changing experience. NDI Study Abroad is thrilled to launch this initiative to encourage inclusive content creation as our students share their study abroad journeys with us.

Meet the 2022-2023 Storytellers!


Avine Abeyesekera

Dublin, Ireland (Fall 2022)

Gabriel Belt

Puebla, Mexico (Spring 2023)

Nick Boccone

London, United Kingdom (Fall 2022)

Lindsay Burgess

Heidelberg, Germany (Fall 2022)

Mary Kate Cashman

Santiago, Chile (Spring 2023)

Carmela D'Antuono

Santiago, Chile (Fall 2022)

Chaya Figueroa

Athens, Greece (Fall 2022)

Jackson Glynn

Kyoto, Japan (Fall 2022)

Ellie Hammerschmitt

Nagoya, Japan (Spring 2023)

Caeli Jojola

Athens, Greece (Fall 2022)

Bupe Lughano Kabaghe

London, United Kingdom (Fall 2022)

John Konrad

Angers, France (Fall 2022)

Brendan Lane

Rome, Italy (Fall 2022)

Julia Marine

Galway, Ireland (Fall 2022)

Luzolo Matundu

Stellenbosch, South Africa (Spring 2023)

Mary Musselman

Puebla, Mexico (Fall 2022)

Ba Bao Nhi (Rosa) Nguyen

Singapore (Fall 2022)

Katherine O'Neal

Dublin, Ireland (Fall 2022)

Molly O'Toole

Rome, Italy (Fall 2022)

Ellie Olson

Rome, Italy (Fall 2022)

Kenzie Paul

London, United Kingdom (Fall 2022)

Reese Peck

London, United Kingdom (Fall 2022)

Emma Pierce

Copenhagen, Denmark (Fall 2022)

Brooke Rodriguez

Perth, Australia (Fall 2022)

Kate Ross

Norwich, United Kingdom (Spring 2023)

Natalie Schorr

Jerusalem, Israel (Spring 2023)

Lindsay Skold

Perth, Australia (Spring 2023)

Grace Sorenson

London, United Kingdom (Fall 2022)

Lily Storrs

Kigali, Rwanda (Fall 2022)

Gregory Vogt

Jerusalem, Israel (Spring 2023)

Emily Wang

Beijing, China (Spring 2023)

Felicity Wong

Norwich, United Kingdom (Fall 2022)