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When Notre Dame students go abroad, they return with more than international credits on their transcript. They go further.

Study Abroad Info Sessions

In collaboration with our campus partners, Study Abroad program directors have created a series of video recordings to help guide you through the study abroad process and offer virtual information sessions on-demand.

Study Abroad Info Sessions

For the more than 75 percent of Notre Dame undergraduates who witness the bustle of downtown Tokyo or the quiet historic ruins of Athens; who speak French in the lush Loire Valley or Spanish with Chilean host families in Santiago; who immerse in life in Singapore, Senegal, South Korea, or Spain; the results are life-changing.

Our students do more—they intern with start-ups; they integrate their academics with local service opportunities; they research with leading academics, often in another language; and they come away with a heightened sense of curiosity and responsibility for their world. At Notre Dame International, we believe our students can go as far as an opportunity takes them. We’re here to make it possible.

For 2020-2021 study abroad students:

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50 semester and academic year programs

16 summer programs

30 countries

#7 leading institution by undergraduate participation