Singapore Sell


Student Year
Sophomore, Junior
Courses Offered By
College of Arts and Letters, College of Engineering, College of Science

Singapore is a bustling cosmopolitan city that offers a world-class living environment with its landscape populated by high-rise buildings and gardens. It is a ubiquitous collage of cultures with a vibrant multicultural population where people of different ethnicities and beliefs coexist. Located in Southeast Asia, Singapore has a land area of about 710 square kilometers, making it one of the smallest countries in the world. Although small in size, Singapore commands an enormous presence in the world today with its free trade economy and highly efficient workforce. Its location in the region has enabled it to become a central seaport along major shipping routes. Singapore's strategic location, excellent facilities, fascinating cultural contrasts, and tourist attractions contribute to its success as a leading destination for both business and pleasure from around the world.

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