Spring 2020 Photo Contest Winners

Due to the global pandemic, our Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 cohorts of study abroad students were unable to attend their programs. However, Notre Dame International opened a special edition photo contest for the Spring 2020 cohort of study abroad students. Although their semester was interrupted by the global pandemic, we wanted to celebrate the memories these students captured during their time abroad.

Congratulations to the winners of the Spring 2020 Study Abroad Photo Contest!


Taylor Folwell
Program: London Undergraduate Program

Spring 2020 Photo Contest Winner 1 Of 3

At the monument "Padrao dos Descobrimetos" which celebrates the Portuguese Age of Discovery during the 15th and 16th centuries.

Olivia Lanchoney
Program: Jerusalem

Spring 2020 Photo Contest Winner 3 Of 3

This photo was taken from the summit of Jabal Musa, or Mount Sinai, right after sunrise. Mount Sinai, located in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, is a significant pilgrimage site traditionally known as the location where Moses received the Ten Commandments. Before this picture was taken, a group of ND students and I woke up at 1 am to begin hiking up the mountain. Led by a local tour guide, we hiked through the dark with only our phone flashlights for about four hours. Dozens of tourists sped past us on camels while we slowly made our way to the top, and the massive outlines of the mountains loomed around us. When we finally got to the summit, we felt cold, sweaty, and exhausted. But as soon as the sun crept over the horizon, I had tears in my eyes from the overwhelming beauty of the sunrise. This trip was definitely a highlight of my time studying abroad, and I am so grateful that I got to experience this breathtaking pilgrimage site with some of my amazing peers.

Kelly Liang
Program: Dublin TCD

Spring 2020 Photo Contest Winner 2 Of 3

For the first trip outside of Europe, some friends had suggested Prague. While I was thinking of places to go in Europe, Prague never even crossed my mind. This picture was taken at the Staroměstská radnice or the Old Town Hall Tower. We climbed up to the top of the tower and got the best views. I was extremely happy and absolutely taken away by the charm of the city.