Fall 2021 Photo Contest Winners

For the Fall 2021 photo contest, we asked students to submit photos that they felt best portrayed the following themes: Academic Pursuit, Cultures, Customs, History, Traditions & International Friendship, ND Irish Abroad, and Scenes from Abroad. The winners and honorable mentions for each theme are posted below. Congratulations to all of the winners!

Academic Pursuit

Grand Prize

Carlondrea "LaLa" Petty, Puebla
Academic Pursuit Grand Prize

Performing Nutrition based research while in Puebla. Creating an organic brownie that is beneficial for patients with multiple sclerosis. My research partner and I won 3rd place in the Congreso Internacional de Nutricion Clinica.

Honorable Mention

Mary Doerfler, Rome AME
Academic Pursuit Honorable Mention 1

Three classmates explore the streets of Orvieto, a town in the region of Umbria (central Italy), during a field trip for history class.

Honorable Mention

Michael McKenzie, Rome AME
Academic Pursuit honorable Mention 2

This photo was taken at Casa Scalabrini 634 in Rome, Italy. During our semester in Rome, we took a one-credit course on immigration in Italy. As a part of this course, we took a site visit to Casa Scalabrini, where immigrants are welcomed and helped to adjust to life in Italy.

Cultures, Customs, History, Traditions & International Friendship

Grand Prize

Brooke Puccini, Copenhagen
Cultures Grand Prize

Meet not-so-little Little Tilde, one of six Forgotten Giants from Danish artist Thomas Dambo. The giants, made from reclaimed wood, each have different designs and names, and they are scattered across the outer municipalities of Copenhagen. The renowned sculptures create a scavenger hunt for tourists and Danes alike, aiming to bring "art out of the museum" (https://thomasdambo.com/works/forgotten-giants/) and people into nature. During my time abroad, many students spent a day trying to find all six; I found two: Little Tilde and Thomas on the Mountain. Beyond being fun to find, the Forgotten Giants are great examples of Danish culture regarding art and sustainability.

Honorable Mention

Mary Doerfler, Rome AME
Cultures Honorable Mention 1

A weathered icon to Mary inlaid in a wall on the streets of Sorrento, along the coast of Italy.

Honorable Mention

Crystal DiBiase, Puebla
Cultures Honorable Mention 2

This is a picture of the making of tapetes tradicionales de Xoxocotlán, or Xoxocotlán traditional carpets, which is a wonderful process that is done by hand and a great cultural experience to witness. The colors of the strings of yarn are made by crushing berries, flowers, and even insects, which we got to experiment with on our hands (my hand is also featured in the picture).

ND Irish Abroad

Grand Prize

Bernadette Widjaja, Galway
Nd Irish Abroad Grand Prize

During the Thanksgiving weekend that we spent at the ND Global Center at Kylemore, we took a trip to Omey Island nearby for a day trip. It was extremely cold and windy, with everyone bundled up in at least four layers and being pushed around by the wind all day. However, the entire trip was breathtaking as we saw old churches, holy wells, human remains, and got to walk across the beach at low tide in order to reach the island. Despite the awful weather, I felt extremely lucky to be able to explore the island with a group of other ND students and our program coordinators who I came to love.

Honorable Mention

Olivia Althoff, Rome Architecture
Nd Irish Abroad Honorable Mention 1

On a tour of the Colosseum, I snapped this photo of a friend observing the insides of the giant structure.

Honorable Mention

Michael McKenzie, Rome AME
Nd Irish Abroad Honorable Mention 2

This photo, taken with what became my infamous GoPro and selfie stick combination, shows myself and Jack Reford at a lookout spot midway through a hike. While staying in the Amalfi Coast, some of our fellow students decided to go on a boat tour, but Jack and I decided to hike up into the mountains that lined the coast. We found a trailhead and wung it, with continuing to climb higher as the only criteria for selecting our path at a fork in the trail. At this particular lookout, you can see the Tyrrhenian Sea and Atrani (over Jack's left shoulder). We had just been shown the ruins of the Basilica Sant'Eustachio by an older lady who, although she spoke no English, was one of the nicest people I've ever met (and gave us each a local specialty–lemon flavored candy!).

Scenes from Abroad

Grand Prize

Carlondrea "LaLa" Petty, Puebla
Scenes from Abroad Grand Prize

In the city of Teotihuacan, exploring an archaeological site with one of the longest history of exploration in Mexico. Teotihuacan is an ancient Mesoamerican city. Much of the history of Teotihuacan remains a mystery today.

Honorable Mention

Maya Puterbaugh, London
Scenes from Abroad Honorable Mention 1

On a rainy day trip to Bath, England, my boyfriend captured this photo of me in front of The Royal Crescent on our way for a stroll in Royal Victoria Park. The slope of the hill beautifully captures the magnitude of the curving houses in a fun game of perspective.

Honorable Mention

Liana Bigaud, Galway
Scenes from Abroad Honorable Mention 2

This picture is of the Long Walk in the city of Galway.