2019 Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 Study Abroad Photo Contest

First Place

Clarissa Younkle
Program: Singapore Fall 2019


The photo was taken at “Heaven’s Gate” in the Lempuyang temple of Bali, Indonesia. This site of worship and beauty was a highlight of my time spent abroad. Traveling to the temple was quite an adventure because the temple itself is located in a remote area of the island halfway up a mountain which is only accessible by motorbike. This trip was one of self discovery and newfound confidence in myself as I did not speak the language of the island and I decided not to stay in a resort but to interact with the authentic culture of the island.


Second Place

Jadrian Woods
Program: Fremantle, Australia  (Fall 2019)


This picture was taken at the Caversham Wildlife Park in Perth, Australia. One of the excursions for the study abroad students was to attend this wildlife park and be surrounded by Australia's native wildlife. In this picture, I was able to get a selfie of myself being kissed by a kangaroo.

Third Place

Rachel Bartnett
Program: Center for Social Concerns International Summer Service Learning Program (ISSLP) (Summer 2019)


Balancing atop abandoned railroad tracks that previously connected Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile in Uyuni, Bolivia.

Honorable Mention

Amelia Grose
Program: Perth, Australia (Spring 2019)


During the study break before semester exams, four other Notre Dame students and I traveled to Thailand to go on a trekking adventure. After staying in Bangkok for a few days, we joined a group of young adults and a Thai guide and hiked through the remote jungle for a few days, carrying all of our food and water and trying to avoid the leeches and giant centipedes on the jungle floor. During this hike, we stayed in villages of the northern hill tribes, where we cooked food with them and interacted with the children. We learned about the culture of these tribes, and at the end of our trek a few of the men in the village fashioned bamboo rafts and took us down the Mae Taeng River to return to an area where we could ride in an open truck back to the city of Chiang Mai. This image shows me and Allison Spraul (Notre Dame Biology major, Class of 2020) taking a dip in the incredibly turbid water after we had rafted through some rapids. This amazing experience was something I never imagined I would be doing, and I am so grateful I had this opportunity during my time studying abroad.

Honorable Mention

Emily Meara
Program: Puebla, Mexico (Fall 2019)


This photo is a scenic shot of a natural spring called Hierve el Agua in Oaxaca de Juárez, Mexico. Arriving in the city of Oaxaca the night before, we promptly set out to explore the cobblestone streets and old cathedrals in the pouring rain. We were dismayed to hear that the trip to the natural water and rock formations the next day may be canceled. However, we set out early the next morning as the rain lashed at the bus windows. The drive was long and winding up unpaved dirt roads. Finally, we stepped off the bus sinking our feet into the mud. We trekked down a steep path and stumbled across the Hierve el Agua site. These pools are mineral water baths full of calcium, sulfur, magnesium and carbonate that have forged pools in the limestone. Miraculously, the rain lightened and the fog enveloped the lush green mountains surrounding the baths.

Honorable Mention

Jadrian Woods
Program: Fremantle, Australia  (Fall 2019)


This photo was taken in Broome, Australia which is located in the northern part of Western Australia. Before we went to live with Aboriginal people for a week as part of the history course at the University of Notre Dame Australia (UNDA), we were able to watch and eventually ride camels close to sunset on Cable Beach. This was for sure a definite once in a lifetime opportunity.