2017 Photo & Video Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Study Abroad Photo & Video Contest!


First Place

Dominique DeMoe - Greece Summer

Winner 1 Dominique Demoe 2017 Photo Contest

After a long day of hiking and also getting lost on our path, we eventually made our way to our destination, the top of Mt. Geraneia which overlooked the Gulf of Corinth. To the left of the picture from where we were standing we could see Acrocorinth which rose above Ancient Corinth, where we were staying in Greece. My friend Tommy McCabe took this picture of me as I triumphantly surveyed my surroundings and took in the pure beauty that is the landscape of Greece.

Second Place

Derek Meyer - Dublin TCD Spring

Winner 2 Derek Meyer 2017 Photo Contest

In between our depressing tours of the divided cities of Belfast and Derry, we stopped at Giant's Causeway.  It was cold and rainy at the World Heritage Sight, but Emily Rourke (pictured) was still excited enough about the surrounding beauty to jump for this perfectly-timed photo.

Third Place

Leilani Tiara - China Language Summer

Winner 3 Leilani Tiara 2017 Photo Contest

A picture of me writing down my wishes in Chinese at Huaqing Hotspring. People write down their wishes - to find a suitable partner and hang it on the tree. They believe the gods will make it come true. I wrote a wish for my family.

Honorable Mention

Matt Green - Santiago Fall

Hm Matt Green 2017 Photo Contest

There are very few things that are better than watching the sunset on one of the most remote places on Earth, Easter Island. The backdrop of the Moai, coupled with the soft crash of the waves against the volcanic cliffs was a perfect end to our first day on the island. 

Honorable Mention

Kristyne Ruiz - Angers Spring

Ruiz Kristyn Hm Photo Contest

My family and I took a trip to Morocco over spring break. We spent a night camping in the Sahara Desert. We were completely isolated and surrounded by 200-foot-tall sand dunes. We spent the evening riding camels through the dunes and sandboarding. The most amazing part was hiking to the top of them and watching the sunset over the desert. I took this picture of my sister on the peak of a dune. It was so beautiful looking up and seeing the sky full of stars surrounded by complete silence.

First place

Matt Green - Santiago Fall

My best attempt to condense the most amazing semester of my life into three minutes. From the driest desert in the world, to the bottom of South America, we  made the most of our time exploring with every free second we had. It was an adventure of a lifetime. Enjoy!

Second Place

Rylie O'Meara - Galápagos Biology Practicum Fall

This video captures some of the highlights of a group of 14 Notre Dame students who traveled to the Galápagos Islands through Study Abroad over fall break in order to conduct research for a Field Biology Practicum course offered by the University. 

Honorable Mention

Luke Golichowski - Toledo Summer

This is during Summer 2017 in Toledo, Spain. This short video compacts my trip into a short 3 minutes, with locations in Toledo, Madrid, Andalusia, Segovia, and Zamora.

Honorable Mention

Noah Peterson - Rome Engineering Summer

After 6 weeks in Rome, I get a little distracted looking through photos on my iPad while waiting for my flight. During my trip I took over 13,000 photos at several locations across Italy. The timelapses and hyperlapses feature cities including Sorrento, Florence, Rome and Tivoli.