2015 Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Summer 2015 Study Abroad Photo Contest!

First Place

Nakivale Refugee Camp

Bill Wang—Kampala Summer

Theme: The Moment of Change

This was taken at Nakivale Refugee Camp during the middle of a sandstorm. At this moment, the sky changed from a blue to a Dusty Yellow.


Second Place

Toledo Sunset

Andres Lincon—Toledo Summer

Theme: Stunning Scenery

Sunset view of Toledo, Spain from the University

Third Place

Camels at Petra Treasury

Diana Escoffery—Jerusalem Summer

Theme:  Ancient Now

This photo was taken in front of the Treasury at Petra, Jordan. Kim Forbes (on the left) and I rented out our camels for the day to take us around Petra and we stopped in front of the Treasury for a picture. We were going for a "For Narnia and for Aslan" kinda pose. 

Honorable Mention 1 of 5

Peace Wall Belfast

Lauren Hill—Ireland Inside Track

Theme:  Global Citizenship

This is a picture of me signing the Peace Wall in Belfast, Ireland. Up until this point in time I had no comprehension of the amount of violence that is still a dreadful part of the culture there.

Honorable Mention 2 of 5

Sampan boat

Colleen Fricke—China Summer Busines & Culture

Theme:  Ancient Now

Sampan boat in Hong Kong Harbor

Honorable Mention 3 of 5

Tiananmen Guard

Shuyi Feng—China Summer Language

Theme:  Ancient Now

Guard at the Tiananmen Gate

Honorable Mention 4 of 5

Cliffs of Moher

Jack Shepard—Dublin Summer

Stunning Scenery

Cliffs of Moher - Ireland

Honorable Mention 5 of 5


John Fox—China Summer Language

Theme:   Other

Ailsa Xing, sophomore, examines an installation at a gallery in Beijing 798, once industrial district--now turned modern art hub of China.