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The Petition Program is intended to allow students whose unique academic or curricular needs cannot be met with an existing Notre Dame approved program to petition for a program that meets those needs. Given the number and variety of approved study abroad options already available through NDG, petitions should be submitted for unusual circumstances only. If you have reviewed the NDG program offerings but did not find a program that meets your academic needs, you may petition for another program.

Approval of a petition is not guaranteed, and students are strongly urged to apply to a Notre Dame approved program.

Petition Guidelines

  • The petition must be based on compelling academic rationale with the program offering equal or greater rigor than Notre Dame.
  • The proposed program should be a direct-enroll program in a university or program based overseas (i.e., not a US-based provider).
  • Petitions are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Each student's concentration(s), rationale, faculty approval (department and college), and transcript are evaluated individually. A program that was previously approved for one student does not guarantee approval for other students.
  • Students may only submit one petition during each application cycle and must submit their complete petition application on the application deadline.
  • If you apply for a Notre Dame approved program while at same time also apply for a petition program, it is unlikely that your petition will be approved.

Petition Steps

  1. All students are required to meet with a study abroad advisor to first discuss the program they wish to petition.
  2. During your advising appointment, you and the study abroad advisor will discuss your program interests and options. If the advisor determines that the petition program meets the petition guidelines, and it appears to meet your learning goals more effectively than existing programs, the advisor will provide guidance on how to complete your petition application online.
  3. Submit your completed petition application by the deadline, including any requests for Dean and DUS approvals.
  4. Petition applications will be reviewed according to the following steps:
    • Preliminary review by a committee consisting of a faculty, an advising dean, and study abroad staff.
    • The petition will then be submitted to the New Academic Programs Committee by NDG for a final review and approval as needed.
  5. Study Abroad will notify you about the final decision. There is no appeal once the decision is released.

Program Contact

If you have interest in the Petition Program, please schedule an appointment with Study Abroad at to discuss.

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