London Summer Neuroscience Pic

London Summer Neuroscience and Behavior

Student Year
Sophomore, Junior, Senior
Courses Offered By
College of Science
2024 Program Dates: May 16 - June 30

This London-based, 6-week, 6-credit, faculty-led summer program will connect Notre Dame Neuroscience and Behavior students with the history and research of neuroscience in England. The 2024 program will be led by Professor Diane Lane and Professor Brian Mulholland. In Dr. Lane’s course, “The Neuroscience of Love, Hate, and Relationships”, you will examine the neural mechanisms that drive the processing of the emotions of love and hate and how the development of these systems influences attachment, social interactions, and development of relationships. In Dr. Mulholland’s course, “Outwit, Outplay, Outlast: The Dynamics of Survivor”, you will learn the basics of game theory and how affective, social, and cognitive factors influence decision-making. England has a rich history of studying the brain. We will take excursions to visit sites associated with the study of the brain, historical and cultural sites where the content of the courses have played ‘in real life’, and learn from present-day British neuroscientists.


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