Galapagos Nd Group 2022


Latin America
Student Year
Sophomore, Junior, Senior
Courses Offered By
College of Engineering, College of Science
2024 Program Dates: October 19 - 27

This field experience is an optional offering for BIOS 35506/CE 35506

This program is an eight-day trip to the Galápagos Islands during fall break. This field experience will introduce and amplify principles of evolutionary biology, ecology, and environmental geoscience that occur in the unique setting of the Galápagos Islands. The associated 2-credit class taught on campus will emphasize background knowledge important to understanding the unique features of the archipelago as they have influenced evolutionary and ecological theory.

On-site lectures and activities in the Galápagos will cover the historical, geological, and biological features of the islands. The trip will include daily excursions to significant sites including the Charles Darwin Research Station, Tortuga Bay, Isabela Island, Baltra Island, and more. Post-trip meetings will provide students’ opportunities to summarize their major discoveries and present these findings to the greater community.

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