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The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, is a vibrant medieval city that is fully modern and innovative in its interpretation of function and design for a livable city. Copenhagen matches 16th-century architecture with modern and inventive urban spaces through well-planned bike lanes, harbor baths, skate parks, food markets, and more. On your way to class, you will be surrounded by a network of walking streets, canals lined with colorful houses, public gardens with castles, and spires dotting the skyline. The Danes are often named the happiest people in the world, and by living and studying in Copenhagen you will have the opportunity to engage with the people and culture of Denmark while challenging your ideas about contemporary issues.

In Copenhagen, every academic track will have a core course focusing on a specific issue or subject within the scope of your discipline. During your program, you will participate in “core course week” which consists of a study tour in Denmark, or a neighboring country, combined with a two-day seminar in Copenhagen. You will then travel with your core course on a week-long study tour to a relevant European destination. In addition to these excursions, this program offers you ample opportunity to get involved in the local community through sports, recreation clubs, internships, volunteering, and by living with host families or local university students.



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