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Internships Abroad

Why Should I Intern Abroad?

International internships are ideal for students looking to gain professional experience while building their international credentials. They provide a unique opportunity to interact with locals and establish long-lasting connections with people outside of their usual network. In addition to enhancing cultural understanding of the host city, internships are beneficial to a student’s professional development through exposure to an international work culture. They provide students with a firsthand opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills related to their desired field, as well as to practice and strengthen their intercultural communication skills. Internships abroad afford insight into how a student’s studies at Notre Dame may be applied in a professional setting and generally prepare students for life in the workplace.

Benefits of Interning Abroad

  • Gain professional work experience in an international setting
  • Build an international network with professionals in the field
  • Increase employability by gaining experience and challenging yourself in a new, unfamiliar environment
  • Enhance verbal and non-verbal intercultural communication skills
  • Gain practical skills that help you compete in a global economy
  • Open your mind to the possibility of pursuing a career in a field different from what you were previously planning
  • Strengthen your foreign language skills (if applicable)
  • Increase the likelihood of receiving a job offer in another country

What You Need to Know

  • Living and working in a new country can be challenging. Stay flexible and be prepared to adjust your expectations regarding common professional practices.
  • Some internships may require knowledge of the local language. 
  • There may be visa (work permit) considerations for U.S. and non-U.S. citizens, so planning ahead—up to 6-8 months in advance—is critical.

Programs with Internship Opportunities

The following study abroad programs offer the opportunity to pursue an internship, in many cases for academic credit, alongside classes at the host university:

Australia Perth


Brazil São Paulo
China Shanghai
Germany Berlin


Israel Jerusalem
Italy Bologna

Rome AME

Rome International Scholars

Rome Undergraduate Program

Jordan Amman
Morocco Rabat
Russia Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladimir
Rwanda Kigali
Spain Toledo
London Undergraduate Program

Global Professional Experience Program

Notre Dame Global also offers undergraduate students an international summer immersive learning opportunity to discover firsthand how businesses and organizations operate in locations throughout the world. The Global Professional Experience Program places students with selected global and local companies and organizations in Africa (Kenya), Asia (China, Hong Kong, and India), Europe (Italy and United Kingdom), the Middle East (Jerusalem), and Latin America (Brazil, Chile, and Mexico).

This seven-week program includes three main components:

A one-credit course that offers an exploration of historic, social, and economic dimensions related to each of the program’s regions, in addition to providing a forum to reflect upon new international perspectives, inter-cultural knowledge, collaborative skills, integrative competencies, and career discernment.

A one-week on-site orientation provided by the Notre Dame Global's global network and selected service providers. The on-site orientation helps students better understand the local culture and includes cultural excursions and basic language training.

A six-week placement within a business or organization that provides students with professional experiences related to their academic and professional interests. Host businesses and organizations include media, startups, technology, healthcare, and finance, among other sectors.

Notre Dame Global provides logistical support in each location through its Global Network.

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