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Parent FAQs

Welcome parents!

We are glad you’re here. We know you are invested in your student and want you to know that we are helping them every step of the way. We hope that you encourage your student to actively engage with us throughout the application, pre-departure, and re-entry processes.

Below you will find a list of questions frequently asked of our office by parents such as yourself. Please take a few moments to browse the information and reach out to us with any other questions you may have. Due to FERPA regulations, our office may not be able to provide you with specific information about your student’s study abroad plans, so please be sure to check in with your student regularly about information they may have received. 

How does my student apply to study abroad, and when will they hear about decisions?

Academic year and semester program applications for study abroad open in early September and close on November 1 for the following academic year. Students will learn their application decision in early-mid January. Some under-enrolled programs may re-open after decisions are released.

Applications for summer study abroad programs open September 15 and close on November 1. Students will learn their application decision in December. Some under-enrolled programs may re-open after school starts in February to recruit additional students.

Additional information on study abroad applications can be found on our Application Information page.

My student was just accepted into a program. What is the next step?

Accepted students will have one week to commit to their program. Once committed, the Program Director will reach out to your student with additional information regarding appropriate next steps. Email is our primary mode of communication; please encourage your student to regularly check and respond to email.

Specific program information (program dates, available courses, accommodation/housing information, health insurance, accommodation, accessibility information, disability accommodation, etc.) is shared directly with accepted students in the semester prior to their program.

What happens if my student is wait listed for a program?

Though we try hard to accept as many qualified students as we can, some of our programs have enrollment caps that we are unable to exceed. Information about our waitlist can be found here.

How much will my student’s program cost?

General information about costs which apply to all programs can be found on our Financial Information page. Programs may have additional required costs that are not included in the tuition and fees. These costs are typically for items such as books, visas, residency permits, travel to the study abroad location, etc. Information about additional costs can be found on each program’s details page.

What happens if there is an emergency abroad?

With a full-time international travel and safety professional, Notre Dame International (NDI) prepares study abroad students to handle the most common travel challenges they may face abroad and, most importantly, to know what to do and who to contact in the event of an emergency.

When a crisis occurs abroad, NDI's number one priority is to confirm the safety of all students, faculty, and staff known to be in the affected area as quickly as possible, while simultaneously providing assistance and safety advice. Students are strongly encouraged to immediately contact their parents (or other emergency contact) in the aftermath of any crisis. However, parents may contact the Notre Dame Police Department's 24/7 emergency line for assistance in an emergency (574-631-5555). Depending on the type of emergency event, NDI may also provide regular updates on the NDI website homepage.

How should I remain in contact with my student while they are abroad?

We require all study abroad students to provide us with local contact information once they arrive on-site. Additionally, all of our program partners provide information to students on how to obtain a working mobile phone in the host country. Details on how students use and pay for their phones vary by country, so we strongly recommend that students and their parents discuss the best plan for them.

How can I get in touch with the Study Abroad Office?

Contact information for the Study Abroad Office can be found here. Please know that due to FERPA regulations, our office may not be able to provide you with specific information about your student’s study abroad plans.