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Why Study Abroad?

Widely regarded as one of the most impactful experiences a student can have, study abroad has numerous benefits. Here are our top five reasons why you should consider study abroad:

Academic and Educational Development

Study abroad provides each student with a unique opportunity to experience another form of education and learning style. Whether it is language development, taking courses not available at ND, learning via the tutorial system, engaging with locals in internships, or participating in service-learning, study abroad will advance your education in ways that are not as easily accomplished in the US.

Expand Your Intercultural Competence

By integrating into the local environment while abroad, you will gain an understanding of the elements important to members of other cultures in relation to its history, values, politics, communication, economy, food, traditions, and beliefs. These experiences will help you critically examine your own perspectives and actions in terms of personal responsibility and ethical, social, and environmental consequences in a global context.

Career and Graduate School Opportunities

By letting your experience abroad form and enhance your perspectives, you are signaling to future employers and graduate schools that you are able to adapt to new environments, analyze your own cultural biases, build a global professional network, and demonstrate that you can learn in a variety of ways and contexts.

Personal Growth and Development

Study abroad will foster independence, confidence, and self-reliance in new and unique environments. The challenges you will face while abroad will also enhance your problem-solving skills and develop your ability to tolerate uncertainty.

Explore and Experience the World

For many, this is likely to be the only opportunity to live in another country and culture for an extended period of time. Seize the moment by going beyond your comfort zone and experience new terrain, natural wonders, historical sites, and make new lifelong friends in another part of the world.