Somin Jo


Majors: Neuroscience and Behavior


Why did you choose your program? With an ever-globalized world that we currently live in, I wanted to take full advantage of the amazing opportunities that NDI provided for studying abroad so that I can challenge myself to immerse myself in a new country and learn beyond the boundaries of Notre Dame. I decided to study abroad in Seoul, South Korea because I wanted to have a unique experience in being a foreign exchange student and meeting new people from all around the world while learning more about the deep culture of South Korea. Choosing to study abroad in South Korea also allowed me to gain more insight about my future endeavors and the many professional opportunities that are available in South Korea.

Favorite story: Although I went to study abroad my junior year, I felt like a freshman all over again when I met so many new people from all over the world and got to make new friends that I still keep in contact with today. My favorite memory would have to be the time when my new friend and I went on our weekly Seoul adventure where we spontaneously made plans as we explored the city. We visited a literary museum located on a scenic mountain, shopped at a local market, took a cable car to see the cityscape at night, and ate warm, yummy food at the end of the night while we were freezing cold. It was such a crazy but memorable experience that I always look back on!

One piece of advice: As a science pre-med student, I took the risk of choosing a program that no other science student has chosen in the past, and although difficult, I made it work with great success. I would really like to advise prospective ND study abroad students that with the right planning and also courage, you can tremendously expand your choices without having to feel restrained to choose certain programs. I would like to highly encourage students to find a place that they think will be most memorable and beneficial to them and take a risk in making their study abroad experience fit their needs and requirements no matter what major they are.