Megan Butler


Majors: Computer Science

Why did you choose your program? I wanted to experience a different way of life and just learn as many new things and try as many new experiences as I could! I choose Jerusalem because out of all the study abroad stories I had heard from previous students - the stories from the people I knew who had gone to Jerusalem left the biggest impact on me, and I am so happy with my decision!

Favorite story: One weekend we made a last minute decision to take a trip to Mt. Masada for a sunrise hike, and after hours of searching we finally found a place to stay that still had open beds for the next day, on Shabbat. It turned out we were staying at a really nice Kibbutz Resort and Spa that had access to the Dead Sea! We rode down to the Dead Sea in the back of a wagon on a tractor (think of a hay ride but with the most gorgeous view of the Jordanian mountains in the background). I'll never forget wading into the water and watching one of my friends throw herself back into the water and not even submerge but just bobbing back up. The experience is impossible to describe and it was one of the best weekends of my life.

One piece of advice: The most helpful information/tips/tricks I got were from past students who studied abroad in my location. So reach out to past students!!! They love talking about their experiences and it'll only help you prepare yourself. They were in your shoes, so they are the best ones to help you along the way.