Lauren Sullivan


Majors: Science Pre Professional

Why did you choose your program? Studying abroad had been a dream of mine for years before starting college. I ultimately chose my program in London because I knew I wanted to be in a cosmopolitan city and cultural center, with the added bonus of interning while abroad. As a premedical student with a Studio Art minor, London was a perfect fit to not only stay on track with my science coursework but also to be able to wander world class museums and landmarks on a whim at walking distance from where I had lectures.

Favorite story: It's hard to choose just one story between things like weekly trips to markets in London or finding a hidden art gallery in a school while exploring Venice, but one of my favorite stories is from the trip I took to Poland and Slovakia to present at a conference with my Catholic school internship classmates. I knew the trip was going to be special when even the bus ride's views of the Polish countryside were breathtaking, all green hills and quaint villages right out of a storybook. That same day, the Notre Dame students had the opportunity to visit a Roma school where the local children performed folk songs and gave us each a handmade paper angel which still hangs in my room. I would have never thought to go to Slovakia on my own, but thanks to my internship and Notre Dame funding the trip, I was able to experience a culture entirely different from anything I'd seen while abroad.

One piece of advice: Be really open to new experiences and people, especially in your home-base city. It is very easy to dream up an "ideal" study abroad experience, but some of your best friends and travel buddies could be people you have never even met while your favorite memories may be in places not even on your radar. Being randomly assigned to live in a flat with eight strangers (now great friends) and saying yes to unexpected places like Budapest were the reasons behind many of my favorite memories.