Kyle Carey


Majors: Computer Engineering

Why did you choose your program? As cheesy as it sounds, study abroad is one of those experiences that is truly once in a lifetime. Unless I get a lot cooler after graduation, opportunities to truly immerse myself in a foreign place are going to be few and far between. I chose Ireland because despite being a tiny island, the vibrancy of their culture is known around the world. In Dublin, that culture is still very much alive in the people who live there, and I was very lucky to be a part of it for a short time.

Favorite story: In October, a friend and I took a long weekend to hike some of the West Highland Way in Scotland. Our first night in the hostel, we befriended students from Israel, Hungary, and Northern Ireland whom we ended up hiking with for the rest of the weekend. On the last night, we laughed and played cards in a tiny Scottish pub until it closed. Those friendships were so spontaneous and unexpected but I don't think the trip would have been the same without them.

One piece of advice: Going into your study abroad experience, it is easy to set very high expectations. While I encourage everyone to take advantage of as much as possible, those expectations should never become a point of stress. There are going to be trips that don't go according to plan just like there will be nights where you just want to stay in and watch TV. Embrace all of it.