Katie Robinson


Majors: Economics
Email: krobins9@nd.edu

Why did you choose your program? Growing up, my mom told me at least 20x how amazing her study abroad experience was during college, so I knew pretty early on that I wanted to go abroad. Ultimately, I decided on Rome because I loved my Italian language courses at Notre Dame, and I wanted to be in a larger program that had many ND students to travel with. I’m also studying art history, so living in Rome was a great opportunity to see some of the world’s most beautiful and historic art.

Favorite story: One of my most memorable experiences from abroad was when my friends and I managed to miss the same train twice on our way to The Sound of Music Tour in Austria. I can vividly picture us sprinting through the Viennese train station and scrambling onto the platform with our bags flying around us, only to see the train slowly ride off into the distance. Although that morning had a rough start, it is one of my favorite memories from abroad because I can look back and laugh at how directionally challenged we were and how far we came over the course of that semester.

One piece of advice: Go into your program with an open mind and try not to set expectations for your experience. Adjusting to life in a foreign country can be pretty challenging at first but ends up being such a fun adventure! This is an incredible opportunity to live in a different culture and travel around the world with your friends, so you have to take advantage of it!