Jenna Lehn


Majors: Biology

Why did you choose your program? I always knew I wanted to study abroad and experience a new culture, and I really wanted to go to a Spanish speaking country with a program that would work for pre-med. While I was initially interested in Spain and Puebla, my opinion completely changed after I went to the information sessions and talked to the program coordinators. I was immediately captivated by the Santiago program at the information session because it not only checked all of those boxes, but because of how adventurous, outdoorsy, and challenging the program was. It turned out to be the perfect program for me, and the ability to travel throughout South America and go backpacking in Patagonia was incredible.

Favorite story: I have so many great memories, but one of my favorites is when we were halfway through our week-long backpacking trip in Patagonia. We had set up camp for the night in front of Glacier Grey, which stretched for hundreds of miles and was without a doubt the most beautiful sight I’ve ever laid eyes on. With this incredible natural wonder in the background, our group started a prank war. For the rest of the night, we played pranks that went from hiding someone’s shoes and placing huge rocks inside of each other’s tents to even tying one of our tents up in a tree.

One piece of advice: Don’t let the days pass you by as you are studying abroad for such a short time and you should take advantage of every opportunity! There would be days where I was tired and just wanted to stay inside and watch Netflix, but I would challenge myself to go out and explore something new in the city or go hiking. I am so incredibly glad that I did. If I had stayed indoors, I would have missed out on some of the amazing places Santiago has to offer, from outdoor museums and extravagant waterfalls to hole-in-the-wall ice cream joints.