Enzo Ambrose


Majors: Political Science
Email: eambrose@nd.edu


Why did you choose your program? I decided to study abroad in Angers, France because I wanted to improve my French-speaking skills, live independently in a French-speaking country, and take my classes all in French. The program in Angers was perfect for me because unlike the Paris programs available, we would be in a part of France where the French would not be as ready to speak English with us if we weren't able to communicate in French. L'UCO was also a very accommodating university with lovely professors who were always dedicated to ensuring our success in our classes and making sure we didn't fall behind, especially when our classes transitioned to remote learning.

Favorite story: The university had set up an international food night at a local bar in Angers, and told us to come with a dish that we would typically have at home. I spent the day after classes searching for the best corn tortillas I could and ingredients for a pico de gallo and a guacamole, and then I cut those tortillas into triangles and fried them in sunflower oil. My home-fried chips and guac and salsa were a real hit, and showed up the other people who came with store-bought chips and guac. I spent the night talking with people about how easy it was to make guacamole at home.

One piece of advice: Though I enjoyed my time living in Angers, I did not feel at home with my host. That was partially due to my host not being accommodating, but partially due to my desire to live fully independently. I had applied to the Angers program thinking that the host family aspect would be the strongest strength of the program, but felt restricted by the rules. I recommend prospective study abroad students to think carefully about whether they believe they can handle living with a host family after getting the chance to live somewhat independently at Notre Dame.