Eliot Evans


Majors: Economics, Spanish
Email: eevans9@nd.edu

Why did you chose your program?

Favorite story: My favorite moment in Toledo came on my last night when I hiked a couple miles with some friends across the river and up the rocky hills to a viewpoint. That night we got to watch a beautiful sunset and the saw lights slowly come on in the quiet town from across the river far below. It was a great cap to the trip and really made me appreciate how lucky I was to have lived in such a wonderful place.

One piece of advice: Do your best to live like a local wherever you are. If you treat your new home as a tourist, you may get to see the intricacies of the city over your extended stay there, but it won't truly feel like a second home. Also, if you live among locals, you will get to know the people much easier and can really find your place in a foreign country. My last piece of advice would definitely be, above all, that studying abroad is absolutely worth it no matter what happens!