Chris Chimento


Majors: Business Analytics

Why did you choose your program? I decided to go abroad to experience new things, get out of my comfort zone, get some perspective on my place in the world, and gain some insight on what I wanted to do after college. The London program was a natural choice for me because I wouldn't have a huge language barrier, and it offers internships that you can partake in while abroad with companies in London, which is a great way to to know the city and culture. Also, I knew I'd meet a ton of awesome people in London, and I did!

Favorite story: My favorite story from abroad is a solo day trip I took to a Swedish fishing village. I got out at the wrong bus stop, wandered through a rural Swedish neighborhood for an hour, and got caught in the pouring rain with all my belongings before eventually making it to the village. I spent the next few hours walking around the island in, by far, my most nature-y experience abroad and stumbled on a colorful pond surrounded by trees which was probably the most tranquil place I've ever been in my life. It was wonderfully relaxing, peaceful, and unique, especially abroad, where things can move so fast and you have so many different experiences.

One piece of advice: Definitely go abroad - this is a unique opportunity in your life! And when you do go abroad, try to appreciate the present moment, your new experiences, and the people you meet and interact with as much as possible because the time flies by.