Bradley Batas


Majors: Business Analytics

Why did you choose your program? I decided to study abroad because I wanted to immerse myself in a culture much different from my own and explore a new city. Hong Kong was my original study abroad location, but since that program was suspended I chose Galway, Ireland as an alternative which I came to really enjoy.

Favorite story: During my first week in Galway, I attended a social event to meet other international/exchange students who were living in our apartment complex. Coincidentally, I met two exchange students who attended the university in Hong Kong that I was supposed to study at and were also in Galway as visiting students. We immediately connected and spent some time together on a few occasions exploring the town and going to restaurants and pubs. Through them, I was also able to meet several other international students from other parts of Europe. I am happy to call the Hong Kong students friends and we still stay in touch post-pandemic.

One piece of advice: Be open and take chances on things you may not expect to like at first. Although at first I didn’t think I would enjoy living in a small town in the West of Ireland, I could not be more wrong about this. I came to realize how much Galway had to offer, despite being a smaller town, as well as the rest of Ireland. Overall, my advice would be to explore as many possibilities as you can and spend time with local students.