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Study Abroad Influencers Program

Be Intentional • Be Creative • Be Bold

Study Abroad Influencers are ND Study Abroad Returnees who act as peer mentors and volunteer their time with Notre Dame International (NDI) to share experiences and knowledge they gained abroad. This program aims to provide returnees with opportunities to continue their involvement with study abroad upon returning to the main campus and give them an outlet to share their expertise with others!

The Study Abroad Influencer program has been structured to allow students the flexibility to participate in activities as time allows for their schedules. This peer to peer advising group will assist prospective study abroad students in understanding the application and pre-departure process.

An overview of the program structure is provided below.


All students accepted into the Study Abroad Influencer Program will be required to do the following:

  • Attend monthly group meetings, during which time influencers will come together to collaborate on internationalization activities;
  • Participate in Study Abroad Week activities;
  • Create written or visual content for the Study Abroad Newsletter and website including Identities Abroad pages and program pages.

Other Activities

Using their skills and talents, Study Abroad Influencers will share their study abroad experiences across campus in a variety of ways. NDI has created a list of possible activities:

  • Peer advising sessions via email and in person to students who are considering participating in the same study abroad program.
  • Create social media content.
  • Present to committed study abroad students at pre-departure meetings.
  • Work with university organizations, clubs, and dorms to promote study abroad.
  • Participate in activities with international and exchange students at Notre Dame.
  • Serve as panelist for the Diversity and Inclusion Panel. 
  • Assist the Study Abroad Team with a variety of projects.
  • Collaborate with other Influencers to take initiative to create new ways to spread the word about study abroad.

Term and Application

Students may apply for the Study Abroad Influencer Program at the beginning of either the Fall or Spring term. Applications will be circulated by email each term to returning students. Influencers have the option to continue into the following term with no application required for the continuation.


All Study Abroad Influencers will receive a t-shirt for participating in the program. Influencers will be invited to a reception at the end of the semester and recognized for their contributions. Additional benefits include:

  • Form a network of professional contacts and references by meeting fellow internationally-minded students who have previously studied abroad. 
  • Build your resumé and engage in a personal workshop with Study Abroad Team members to learn how to incorporate your study abroad experience into interviews and cover letters. 
  • Refine various skills such as public speaking, event planning, and one-on-one mentoring as you share your experiences of studying and living abroad with fellow students. 
  • Develop marketing and digital content for a portfolio. 
  • Letter of recommendation could be provided upon successful completion of the Influencer Program, upon request. 
  • Admission to professional development opportunities related to international education.