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Singapore and Thailand

Student Year
Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior
Courses Offered By
College of Arts and Letters, College of Engineering, College of Science, Keough School of Global Affairs, Mendoza College of Business
2022 Program Dates: May 13 - June 3

How have cities like Singapore & Bangkok developed into what they are today? What role has government and private industry played in the development of these cities? What are the impacts of policy, culture, and the economy on the way a city develops? These are some of the questions students will explore as they meet leaders of industry in design, development, and construction in two iconic cities of Southeast Asia. In addition to looking at these high-level questions, students will dive into the way a private industry operates through meeting leading designers, builders, operators, and investors.

The program will start in Bangkok with a deep dive into one of the leading Real Estate firms in the country, located at Empire tower in the Sathon business district. Several cultural visits to Temples, Museums, Palaces, Universities, and Markets are included to help students experience the  culture and gain perspective into what drives the local economy and real estate development. Next, the program will continue to Sumai, one of the top resort destinations in Thailand and a top hospitality destination owned by Asset World who has partnered with Notre Dame to create this experience for students.

Finally, students will travel to Singapore, where they will look at how feng shui influenced modern Singapore and its designs in a variety of sectors, including residential, retail, and hospitality. Singapore has been transformed under an extremely different land ownership policy and governing structure, with over 80% of housing in Singapore being government-owned.  Under a very different development policy, Singapore has thrived and developed an economic and real estate powerhouse that invests globally today. Students will explore Singapore and learn how it has approached global challenges that all major cities face in sustainability, infrastructure, and congestion. Finally, students will meet top designers and builders in entertainment. They will visit sites in various stages with engineers and architects specializing in Theme park design and master planning as a core element of the Singapore tourism industry.

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