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Portugal Summer

Student Year
Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior
Courses Offered By
College of Arts and Letters
2024 Program Dates: June 1 - 30

In this study abroad program, students will have a first-hand experience of Portugal’s histories of migration, immigration, slavery, faith, and diverse cultural ethnicities. We will discuss and visit sites that explore the presence of Romans and Moors, understand the importance of maritime expansion and their influence in the present day, and reveal the way in which they have shaped the cultural landscape of Portugal’s capital. The program’s main purpose is to contribute to the students’ understanding of the many factors that influenced the building of a society that bears the marks of many personal stories, and continues to aggregate diverse ethnic communities, while fostering a vibrant history and society. During the program, we will examine the history of Portugal, via an analysis of its capital’s cultural productions, from its early days to the present. In summary, this study abroad trip will allow students to have an in-depth experience of Portuguese culture, and further understand and communicate the many corroborating factors in the building of a society that celebrates the integration of many voices and cultures.

Portugal is the country where all the voices of the Lusophone world meet, where history is not just past, but a constant dialogue present in today’s culture and daily life. This program will allow students to experience the diverse communities, cultures, and traditions that contributed to the development of Portugal as a European multicultural country. It will provide a unique experience in Lisbon, where students will be able to visit not only Roman ruins, Catholic churches, and cathedrals, but also learn about food, music, social integration, and the arts in contemporary Portugal. It will also allow students to develop a deeper understanding of the importance of the country in the global world, as well as learn and practice Portuguese language while understanding relevant cross-cultural exchanges that shaped contemporary Lisbon. The program will take place mainly in Lisbon, but we will spend time in Oporto, Coimbra, Óbidos and the worldly known beach of Nazaré, where giant waves bring surfers from all over the world.

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