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Photo & Video Contest

Calling all photographers and videographers!

Notre Dame International is interested in sharing your study abroad experiences. We’re looking for great photos and engaging videos that tell a story from your perspective. Be as creative as you’d like! Your story could span the entire length of your trip, or it could focus on one particular element (such as learning a language) or timeframe (a weekend visit in the region). We leave that up to you.

We hope that alums of Notre Dame's study abroad programs are encouraged to reflect on their learning and experiences abroad when they look at these images. We also hope that prospective applicants to study abroad programs are inspired by the experiences your photos and videos represent. This is a great opportunity to provide the Notre Dame community with a visual glimpse into your experience.

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2018 Contest Submission Guidelines

The 2018 photo/video contest is closed. An announcement will be made when the 2019 contest opens for submissions. 


All Notre Dame undergraduates who are attending a study abroad program in 2018 (calendar year - spring/summer/fall) are eligible to submit photos and videos for this contest. Photos and videos must have been taken during your time abroad in 2018.

Submission Guidelines
  • For photos, use high-resolution JPEGs, minimum 1800 pixels on the longest side (check photo properties).
  • Color photos are preferred, but black and white photos will be considered.
  • For videos, use the highest resolution your camera will allow and limit the duration to three minutes (videos that extend beyond the three minute mark will NOT be considered).
  • In your video, please be sure that you are using copyright-free music (found at sites like We will not be able to accept your video if it includes music without copyright permission.
  • Make sure that people in the photos and/or videos give permission for you to take their image AND PUBLISH it on social media, in NDI print publications, and other media outlets.
  • The content of your images (photos and videos) must be in accordance with the University's code of conduct.
  • In submitting photos and/or videos to the contest, you agree that NDI may use them for promotional and commercial purposes without further permission, conditions, or compensation.
  • Students may submit a maximum of five photos and/or three videos for consideration.
  • 1st place photo / 1st place video: $400 each
  • 2nd place photo / 2nd place video: $250 each
  • 3rd place photo / 3rd place video: $100 each

Judging Criteria

Submissions will be judged by a committee composed of NDI staff and University photographer, with criteria of creativity, technical, and artistic merit. Upon award, winning photographs and videos will be posted to our website and shared on social media; in the future, they may be used in print pieces, at events, and in promotional materials for study abroad programs.

Questions? Contact Christiane Buessard