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NDI study abroad offers immersive semester programs based at our London and Jerusalem Global Gateways. These programs cover a wide range of topics and can satisfy many different Major & Minor requirements.


Many students receive financial aid when studying abroad and your home institution’s financial aid may transfer to one of our programs for non-Notre Dame students. Keep in mind that the amount or type of support depends on a number of factors and may vary from student to student. Non-Notre Dame students are required to contact their home university's financial aid office to inquire whether their aid will transfer. If aid is applicable, students will be responsible for working with their home institution's financial aid office to initiate an individual consortium agreement that will be reviewed by ND's financial aid office. The agreement will typically be arranged by your home institution’s financial aid program and should then be forwarded to your ND program advisor and ND financial aid office for review and signatures. For questions regarding program costs, please refer to the individual program pages or reach out to your program advisor.

For questions regarding financial aid, home institution fees, and payment schedule and arrangements, please contact your home institution.

There are also a number of external funding sources that may be available to non-ND students studying abroad in one of our programs. Please consult with your program advisor and visit our non-ND Funding for Study Abroad page that lists a number of external scholarships and opportunities.


In order to apply for one of our summer study abroad programs as a non-ND student, please click on the individual program links below. You will be submitting an application questionnaire and essay, as well as a number of required documents through the application portal online.

London is Calling

Journey to Jerusalem

Studying In London
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The University of Notre Dame’s largest study abroad program, the London Program combines academic rigor with an opportunity to experience the cultural and historical depth of London. Students immerse themselves in this city renown for celebrated literature, innovative theater, iconic architecture, and pioneering musicians. Classroom instruction is by Notre Dame and British professors at Fischer Hall near Trafalgar Square in the heart of London’s governmental, cultural, historical, royal, and entertainment districts. The London Global Gateway proudly claims two buildings, nine academic programs, a multitude of conferences, seminars, and events, and a seemingly infinite number of opportunities for faculty and students alike. To learn more about our London Global Gateway, visit The University of Notre Dame at Tantur (UNDT) is located just outside of the Old City of Jerusalem and Bethlehem making it easy to visit the numerous significant cultural, historical, and biblical sites surrounding it. Jerusalem is a mosaic of cultures and nationalities, peoples and neighborhoods, and interesting architecture. Christian, Muslim, and Jewish traditions intermingle and contrast throughout the city displaying its vibrant character. Its churches, mosques, and synagogues reflect the varied and rich history that this city has experienced, and you will easily be immersed in the sights, sounds, and beauty of Jerusalem.


  • Apply by February 1 of study abroad year.
  • Will be accepting applications for Fall 2023 starting December 2022.
  • More information about the Fall 2023 program will be published soon.

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  • Apply by February 1 of study abroad year


  • Apply by August 1 of year for the following spring 
  • Now accepting applications for Spring 2023

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Program Advisor

Brigitta Richmond
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Program Advisor

Laura Stipic
Phone: +1 574-631-2757
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