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London Kennedy Scholars

Fall, Spring
Student Year
Courses Offered By
College of Arts and Letters

The London Kennedy Scholars program provides exceptional scholars in the College of Arts & Letters an opportunity to undertake independent research during and immediately following their junior year that ideally leads to a senior thesis project. In addition to coursework in the London Undergraduate Program, Scholars participate in a small 3-credit seminar in which they examine research methodologies, visit centers of research and culture, and formulate their senior thesis prospectus. Kennedy Scholars are eligible for a Kennedy Family UROP grant, as well as additional research grants, enabling the Scholars to continue their research following the conclusion of their program.

The program is based at Notre Dame’s London Global Gateway, which is located in Fischer Hall right on Trafalgar Square, one of the most important and recognizable sites in London. The facility serves as a hub supporting the academic, educational, and cultural mission of the University by hosting and organizing a rich variety of education abroad opportunities for students. In many ways, the Kennedy Scholars program is a facet of the larger London Program; Kennedy Scholars students live, study, and work alongside their peers.

An application to the Kennedy Scholars program is viewed as an application to the London program. Students not selected for Kennedy Scholars will be considered for the London Undergraduate Program.

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