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Jerusalem Summer Political Science

Middle East & North Africa
Student Year
Freshman, Sophomore, Junior
Courses Offered By
College of Arts and Letters, College of Engineering, College of Science, Keough School of Global Affairs, Mendoza College of Business
2022 Program Dates: June 5 - July 3

The University of Notre Dame at Tantur (UNDT) is the home of the Jerusalem Global Gateway undergraduate program and the Tantur Ecumenical Institute. UNDT is located just outside of the Old City of Jerusalem and Bethlehem making it easy to visit the number of significant cultural, historical, and biblical sites surrounding it. Jerusalem is a mosaic of cultures and nationalities, peoples and neighborhoods, and interesting architecture. Christian, Muslim, and Jewish traditions intermingle and contrast throughout the city displaying its vibrant character. Its churches, mosques, and synagogues reflect the varied and rich history that this city has experienced, and you will easily be immersed in the sights, sounds, and beauty of Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem program is a 4-week study abroad program focusing on the conflicts between Israelis and Palestinians and the political tensions within each group. You will quickly learn that differences amongst Israelis and amongst Palestinians are as important for understanding the conflict as differences between them. The three credit course will be immersive with site visits to major historical and religious landmarks, as well as meetings with NGOs, politicians, academics, religious leaders, and civil society organizations. With Jerusalem as the homebase, you will traverse geopolitical boundaries to meet with locals in Nazareth, Hebron, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Bethlehem, Ramallah, the Golan Heights, Efrat, Nablus, and Jordan representing a wide variety of perspectives and lived experiences. You will mourn the tragedies wrought by 100 years of conflict, see the strength and resiliency of two peoples who continue on with the everyday, and celebrate the uniqueness of what Palestinian and Israeli cultures have to offer. You will learn what peace means for people across the political spectrum, and meet those working towards it. Yalla (let's go)!

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