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Greece Summer

Student Year
Freshman, Sophomore, Junior
Courses Offered By
College of Arts and Letters
2022 Program Dates: May 11 - June 1 

Led by Robin Rhodes, archaeologist and Notre Dame Professor of art history, architecture, and classics, this 3-week intensive seminar is designed as a fully-immersive cultural, international, and intellectual experience for students. Ancient art and architecture organizes the program and its schedule, but immersion in contemporary Greek village culture also provides students an opportunity for contemplation of their new, personal experiences in an alien setting. The course will incorporate a service component with the Roma people -- a population group that has been long ostracized in Greece and other countries, but is now included in social programs aimed at assimilation into Greek society. Most class instruction occurs on site, at major archaeological sites and museums in Ancient Corinth and its surroundings, and in the landscape itself. Students will engage in cultural activities and excursions to places such as Athens, Olympia, Mycenae, Tiryns, Naupflion, Bassai, Nemea and Delphi.

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