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Student Year
Sophomore, Junior, Senior
Courses Offered By
College of Arts and Letters, College of Engineering, College of Science, Keough School of Global Affairs, Mendoza College of Business

Join Philosophy professor Alexander Jech this summer on a 3-week, faculty-led program to Ethiopia! Through the course, “Bridging Theory and Practice: Philosophical & Pragmatic Perspectives on Development,” you will explore the Capabilities Approach to international development with an eye to the practical questions of development in the Ethiopian context. Guided by readings, lectures, and site visits with local NGOs, you will focus on three main problems in development: food security, women and development, and the role of religion. By combining philosophical and pragmatic approaches, you will be enabled to acquire a deeper and more profound understanding of development as a whole.

Based in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, this 3-week program will take students to many sites of historical and cultural interest. You will explore the city, with visits to local museums, churches, restaurants, as well as a traditional coffee ceremony. Your program will culminate with a weekend excursion to explore some of the most beautiful historical and natural wonders of Ethiopia, visiting the ancient capital of Gondar, seeing the Blue Niles Falls, and hiking the Semien Mountains.

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